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Author Topic: I take you over  (Read 2275 times)


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I take you over
« on: August 23, 2018, 11:38:57 »

&nbsp; <BR>‘And Lady Farrington, did she change her mind, or what?’ <BR><BR>‘She went mad, so they said, and they locked her up in an asylum.’ <BR><BR>‘Mad!’ shouted the sergeant. ‘Didn’t I always tell you so? mad? Cheap prom dress She were madder than Mike Horniblow who shot the Maltee, and as mad as our old colonel on an inspection parade.’ <BR><BR>‘How was she locked up? who did it? Let’s know all that,’ said Mrs. Larkins. <BR><BR>Herbert recounted fully all that had[207] occurred. His leaving Deadham School, the visit to the west country, Sir Rupert Farrington’s ill-treatment. <BR><BR>‘So that’s what the poor soul was after! Searching for a grandson bridesmaid custom made dress to succeed to the title and estates,’ cried the sergeant. ‘And you were the last that she found. Well: it’s an ill wind, you know; leastways you got the schooling, even if you are none of her kith or kin.’ <BR><BR>‘I suppose I am not, really?’ Herbert asked, looking very hard at Mrs. Larkins, who met the glance without lowering her eyes. There was something in her expression which Herbert immediately understood. There must be short homecoming dress sale an explanation between them, but it could not take place then and there. <BR><BR>‘How should you be?’ asked the sergeant. ‘Didn’t I take you over with the[208] mother when I married her at York? The widow Conlan, she was then, and you her only child.’ <BR><BR>‘Conlan is my name then?’ <BR><BR>‘By rights, yes; but you’ve took that of Larkins now, and you are a credit to it; so you may take it for what it’s cheap homecoming dress worth, and keep it till you can find a better.’ <BR><BR>Was there ever a chance of that? Was he really a Farrington after all, and might he yet prove his claims? Of this no one could give him a clue but Mrs. Larkins, and he gathered from her customized prom dress manner that the subject was one which she would only discuss when they were alone. He had no chance that time of speaking to her on this the subject nearest his heart. The rest of the evening was spent in the interchange of personal news, as is the case when friends and relatives meet after a long separation,[209] and there is so much on both sides to tell and hear.
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