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Administrative / Registration Disabled
« on: September 18, 2017, 19:20:45 »
Due to the large amounts of spam that have ridden the forum in the past few years, I have disabled registration.

There are a few places where you can still find the community online:
  • Lex Hobby Store on Facebook — This is the official Lex Hobby Store page on Facebook. Though it isn't all about Magic, you'll find Magic events and announcements relevant to the community in Iași shared on this page.
  • Planeswalkers Iași on Facebook — This one is mostly chirps and silence, though. It isn't actively maintained.

This forum has served the community for a good 10 years. A lot has changed in these 10 years. I won't be retiring the forum yet, but I am considering placing it in read-only mode.


Format: Standard
Locatie si ora: Lex Hobby Store, sămbătă 9:55
Taxa participare: 40 lei
Prize pool: 2 boosters/participant

Se vor juca maxim 5 runde swiss, fără playoffs, cu o singură excepție1. Top 2 vor juca playoffs dacă următoarele condiții sunt îndeplinite: turneul a avut mai puțin de 5 runde swiss, jucătorii de pe primele două locuri au punctaj egal și aceștia nu au jucat un meci împreună în turneu.

Fiecare participant va primi cate un Incorrigible Youths fullart promotional. La 8 jucatori primii 4 clasati vor primi un Anguished Unmaking full art foiled promo. Daca vor fi 9 inscrisi primii 5 vor primi si asa mai departe... (in limita a 8 carti rare)

Castigatorul turneului va primi playmat-ul de Game Day!

1 Deoarece Game Day-ul pică în weekend-ul cu Sărbătorile de Paște, va trebui să încheiem turneul înainte de ora 15:30.

Events and Tournaments / SOI Draft (aprilie 24, 2016)
« on: April 14, 2016, 21:53:41 »


Events and Tournaments / Standard (aprilie 23, 2016)
« on: April 14, 2016, 21:46:27 »


Events and Tournaments / Standard FNM (aprilie 29, 2016)
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Events and Tournaments / Standard FNM (aprilie 22, 2016)
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Events and Tournaments / Cube Draft (aprilie 17, 2016)
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Events and Tournaments / SOI Draft (aprilie 10, 2016)
« on: April 06, 2016, 11:34:14 »




2015 in Review

A brief retrospective

Looking at the events we've run last year, I'd like to call out a few changes in particular:
  • We're running 2 prereleases (morning and afternoon) on Prerelease Saturday and another Two-Headed Giant Prerelease on Sunday, which has proven to be an increasingly popular type of event.
  • We're also running 2 game days every set, one on Saturday and another on Sunday.
  • Modern constructed has seen a fair adoption in the past year in our community.
  • 94 players have played in 68 tournaments throughout the year.
  • The first Prerelease tournament for Magic Origins has gathered the most players this year, a total of 34.
Welcome new judges!

Yes, this one deserves a section of its own. Ștefan and Tudor are both very welcome to the community and they're running events as a norm lately. This is a shout-out and a huge thanks for joining the team this year!

General attendance

Last year we've dropped our player base considerably, in contrast with 2014. We trace multiple reasons back to this drop in players, but probably the most significant one is the fact that we haven't worked as hard to attract new player to the game. As with every game, some players will come and go, be it because they no longer like the game as much, or simply because life makes other things get a higher priority.

(1) The table for 2014 Saturday events excludes Spread the Magic (90 players), since that was a special event targeted at new players which required a sustained effort to gather that player base, and the WMCQ (34 players), since that was an event outside the city.

Looking at the numbers above, it's immediately visible that FNM attendance has dropped. But the situation's a bit more grim when looking at the overall year. We've gone from a median of 16 players at FNMs, to a median of 12 players. That might not seem like a big change, until you look at this chart showing number of players per Friday:

But why go through all this trouble and create pretty charts? Well, two things...

1: Lex Hobby Store will only run events on Saturdays and Sundays in 2016

Lex Hobby Store is a business, and we can't expect to be dedicated to Magic if we're not. Since attendance has lowered significantly, we will need to revert back to Saturdays for FNMs, like in the old days. This may make Magic more accessible to some and less so to others, which is why we'd like to keep the possibility of people to make a choice. Thus, we're also going to be scheduling events on Sundays, for those who really can't make it on Saturdays.

2: We need to bring back Magic Academy

Most importantly, though, we need to get back on track and grow our community of players! There are a few things us judges are working on to make this happen smoothly, but we will need your help to succeed, just like before! We'll come back with more information next week.

Schedule for the Oath of the Gatewatch Season

Let's face it, we've done a poor job of setting the right expectations around what games you play at Lex Hobby Store last year. Sure, we all knew when Prereleases and Game Days were happening, but the rest wasn't so well defined. Since we can all wrap our minds around those, we'll try to set the schedule using Prereleases as the beginning of a season. You'll find out the schedule of the next season no later than at the prerelease. (And if we haven't posted it, feel free to poke a judge about it.)

Each season has the following fixed dates:
  • On the first weekend: we play two sealed events plus a Two-Headed Giant (2HG) event featuring the new set.
  • On the second weekend: we play at least one draft featuring the new set. We will adjust the number of events depending on demand.
  • On the fifth weekend: we play for the Champion title in the set's Game Day events. Just like before, we will run two of these events, on on Saturday and the other on Sunday. Conveniently, this happens the week after the Pro Tour.
So here's what the next few months will look like:

In aggregate: 10 Standard, 5 Modern, 5 Draft, 2 Two-Headed Giant, 2 Sealed and... something fun. :)

See you in 2016!


Date and Venue: November 1, 2015 at the Iulius Mall, Iași
Side Event: Standard Championship
Entry fee: 50 lei (40 lei if you played in the main event or the Modern Championship)
Prize pool: 30 tix per player
Registration starts at 14:30 Sunday
Round 1 starts around 15:10
REL: Regular; decklists required


Nu avem șansa să jucăm foarte des Team Sealed, iar asta e o ocazie excelentă! Haideți mâine, chiar dacă nu aveți încă echipă: vă ajutăm să întregiți echipe pe loc!

Date and Venue: November 1, 2015 at the Iulius Mall, Iași
Side Event: Standard Championship
Entry fee: 90 lei per player (270 lei per team)
You get: 12 boosters per team to build your decks
Prize pool: 90 tix per team (aka. 9 boosters per team)
Registration starts at 10:00 Sunday
Deck Registration starts at 10:20
REL: Regular; decklists required


Format: Standard
Locatie si ora: Lex Hobby Store, duminică 10:00
Taxa participare: 40 lei
Prize pool: 2 boosters/participant

Se vor juca maxim 5 runde swiss, cu Top 4 Playoffs.

Fiecare participant va primi cate un Stasis Snare fullart promotional. La 8 jucatori primii 4 clasati vor primi un Radiant Flames full art foiled promo. Daca vor fi 9 inscrisi primii 5 vor primi and so on... (in limita de 8 rare)

Castigatorul turneului va primi playmat-ul de gameday!

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